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Paragraph 19 Dec 2022
Discuss copy updates with your team members to get the best results
#paragraph #features

You can now discuss copy updates with your team members before things go live. Make sure you invited all your colleagues to your Paragraph project. Discussions are available for all texts and placeholders imported in Paragraph. Click "Placeholders" in Paragraph dashboard: "Placeholders" overview If you click on the... Continue reading

Paragraph 01 Dec 2022
You can now invite your team members to participate in copy editing and translations
#paragraph #features

We added another useful feature – you can invite your team members and colleagues to work on copy updates and translations together. To invite another user, go to an existing project on Paragraph, click "Settings" and you will see a big nice "Invite users" block: "Invite users" block... Continue reading

Paragraph 24 May 2022
How to translate a Laravel application using Google Translate
#laravel #google cloud

Google Translate is getting pretty good at machine translation and even if sometimes it's not generating ready-to-use content, it's still useful as a starting point. Translate your texts using Google Translate, then manually fix the typos or stylistic errors and you have saved yourself a lot of time!... Continue reading

Paragraph 17 May 2022
How to localize a Laravel application

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework and one of the most popular software frameworks in general. It gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its comprehensive set of features, nice expressive API, and great community support. In this post, we will show how easy... Continue reading